Technical Learning College (TLC) offers distance based or independent study courses in a print based format. Our courses are designed to be flexible and for you to complete the correspondence on your leisure. If you desire a printed copy of the training material, just request and students can receive course materials through the mail for an additional cost. Make sure you have access to the necessary equipment or software before enrolling, i.e., printer, Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free). Some courses may require proctored exams depending upon your state requirements.

All you need to do is download  the assignment that has the registration form, answer key, questions and survey; save it to your computer “Buy Now’ to receive training material. You can email, fax or mail the assignment back to us. You can pay online, over the phone and we except approved Purchase Orders.

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The primary focus of Technical Learning College (TLC) is to provide technical training and continuing education accessible to water, wastewater and pesticide professional operators. Technical Learning College (TLC) is known through out the United State for outstanding training ability, reliability and educational resources. There are two major emphases at Technical Learning College (TLC) operator certification training and continuing professional development education, which includes technical and safety training. Technical Learning College will continue our programmatic educational training with the explicit objective of maintaining and expanding our educational teaching to provide you with comprehensive environmental, technical and health training programs with our unparalleled combination of academic excellence and our commitment to providing the best possible technical education for all of our state.
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