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What term describes the chemical capacity of water to neutralize acids?

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What should be the sample volume when testing for total coliform bacteria?

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What is the major health risk of nitrates?

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The secondary standard for iron recommends that the concentration not exceed?

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Monitoring and control equipment often communicate with the SCADA system via?

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According to the EPA, sedimentation is based on a theoretical detention time of?

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For public water systems using surface water and groundwater under the influence of surface water, turbidity must be monitored at least?

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Four-log removal for viruses is?

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An increase in which of the following causes the chlorine demand to increase?

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The Total Coliform Rule is based first on?

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Sodium thiosulfate is used to?

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What is the causative organism for cholera?

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Fusible plugs on chlorine cylinders are designed to melt at approximately?

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Daily consumption of gaseous chlorine may be checked by____________

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Small gaseous chlorine leaks in and around a chlorinator can be detected by the use of commercial strength?

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The proper emergency repair kit for a ton chlorine cylinder is an__________

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Water system security is whose responsibility?

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The secondary contaminant limit for fluoride is?

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An operator hears a pinging sound coming from the pump. What is the probable cause?

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The component of a centrifugal pump sometimes installed on the end of the suction pipe in order to hold prime is the?

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When taking a routine Bac-T sample, the sampler should also check what?

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Lead and Copper are both based on?

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What are the two main causes of hardness in water?

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What device measures the flow rate of gases?

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What is the most common method used in labs to test for Total Coliform and E coli?

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Coagulation occurs during the first?

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What precipitate is formed in alum coagulation?

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Records for bacteriological analyses should be kept for a minimum of?

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Which of the following chemicals is not listed as a trihalomethane?

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pH is a measure of?

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What effect will algae in a reservoir have on dissolved oxygen (DO)?

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The amount of water in a water-bearing formation depends on the?

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A filter should be backwashed when it has?

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One volume of liquid chlorine gas will expand at room temperature and pressure, to occupy how many volumes of gas?

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Surface water systems must treat, at a minimum for?

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What metals are most likely to leach from household plumbing and cause a health hazard?

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What laboratory device sterilizes laboratory apparatus and microbial media by using pressurized steam?

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Records on turbidity analysis should be kept for a minimum of?

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The filter rate and backwash rate of each filter shall be determined and recorded once each__________

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The culture media used in the presumptive test is of _____________

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Fish eyes are _____________

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Water may be aerated by several methods, almost all of which involve_____________

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All chlorine cylinders are required to contain at least one fusible metal safety device (plug), how many does a 1-ton cylinder have?

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The detention time usually required in a conventional straight-flow sedimentation basin is _______ h.

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Air binding is a condition that may occur as a result of _________

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A program for the control of algae should be instituted__________

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With the coming of winter, the water temperature drops. A likely operational problem at a filtration plant with coagulation is ___________

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A fluoride saturator____________

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The most desirable place to feed activated carbon in a lime-soda ash softening plant is_________

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Activated alumina is used effectively for the removal of_____________

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What state do you live in?

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